- sheet feeders for lasers - feeders for hot operations - feeders for presses operation - roller conveyors - scissor platforms

- handling trucks

- lifting equipment

Handling system for sheet metal


Handling system for fully automated moving metal sheets from palettes to stacking table of the laser centre, consisting of elevated carriageway , longitudinal carrier, transverse carrier and lifting frame with suction cups. Elevated carriageway consists of two supporting columns interconnected by the beam of rectangular cross-section, on which there are fixed rails enabling movement of the longitudinal carrier. Longitudinal and transverse carriers consist of a supporting frame with wheels on which an arm with rails for moving the transverse carrier, or vertical guideway with the lifting console is fixed, on which a frame with suction cups is mounted. Longitudinal carrier drive, lifting console drive and transverse carrier drive are provided by electric motors with worm gears. Control of handling system is enabled via the communication panel located on the cabinet, which includes automatic controller and other necessary electrical equipment.

Application: loading the metal sheets from a pallet on the table of laser punching machine.

HOFIMA – PA: handling system for sheet metal PDF