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Drawer cabinets





Screwless modular construction consisting of sheathing, drawers and locking system. Cabinet housing is made of steel sheet with a thickness t = 1 mm and the bottom is provided with a plinth made of Jackel profiles. Drawers are equipped with full=length sliders and have a recess at the front to allow grasping the drawer across its breadth when handling. Drawers are lockable with a single lock, and after unlocking only one drawer can be pulled out. This measure prevents loss of stability of the cabinet, if inadvertently several drawers at once have been opened. Surface finish: polyester powder baked paint in shades according to RAL as a standard. Drawer cabinets are always marked with labels indicating load ability.

Above standard facilities: dust protection, separation of drawers with transverse or longitudinal bulkheads

HOFIS – Z: drawer cabinets PDF