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Exhibition panels

The modular system enables efficient implementation of promotional structures such as exhibition walls – flat and spatial, exhibition stands, partition walls etc. Panels with a sandwich structure of paper honeycombs and HDF boards are the basis of the modular system. This solution has a major impact on the very low weight of the panels and also on their necessary strength and rigidity. It is positively influenced by the fact that the panels may have internal central partition, which guarantees the necessary bearing capacity of nails or screws applied for hanging pictures. Joints between the individual panels are designed on the principle of tongue and groove, after the setting of the panel to the projected position and tighten the fixing screws, there is a strong and accurate connection. The connection of panels may be both in straight and in mutually perpendicular directions. The panels are provided with adjustable legs at the bottom and the circumference is equipped with specially shaped aluminium profiles, which prevent damaging the edges during handling. Castors can be fixed to the adjustable legs, enabling moving the panels in a horizontal direction. The surface of panels consists of lacquered HDF board with a smooth surface on which it is possible to attach the final surface (foil, coating). The panels can be further complemented by lighting and hanging system.